Meet the Team

Luka Vončina

Luka is founder of EBS and LV Prospects He is former division 1 college basketball player at UNC Charlotte and professional basketball player and also Slovenian national team player.

Lisa Mislej

Lisa is a professor of English and German. She doesn't have much to do with basketball, but she knows a great deal about studying in the USA and the process international students go through before enrolling to university.

Jure Prinčič

Jure is the Co-Director of EBS. He is head of player selection process and the operations of the event. He is a former player, who spent eleven years coaching on a variety of levels ranging from junior national teams to professional teams.

Žiga Božjak

EBS Assistant

Miha Prinčič

EBS Assistant

Miha Belšak

EBS Assistant

Gašper Šoln

EBS Assistant

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